New Year’s Resolutions 

New Years ResolutionsNew Years ResolutionsWith New Year year right around the corner (AKA - tomorrow!!), I wanted to talk to you guys

New Years Resolutions

New Years ResolutionsNew Years Resolutions

Lulu Lemon

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With New Year year right around the corner (AKA – in like two days!!), I wanted to talk to you guys about New Years Resolutions.

I for one, am not a “New Year’s Resolution” kind of person. I like to think of the new year as a chance to learn, and grown.

Did you know that only 8% of people are actually successful at achieving their resolutions? This is because most of us make unrealistic expectations and are too hard on ourselves when we do not immediately succeed.

The two most popular New Year’s Resolutions are to lose weight and to quit smoking. Not that I have ever been a smoker… but I have made resolutions about losing weight, and I do think the two fall into the same category.

When you make these two resolutions, I want you to really think about why you are making them. Is it because you want to look skinny for a specific event or is it because your family frowns at you for smoking?

If any of those are the reasonings for your resolution, then you will most likely fail. Harsh? Potentially. But this is something that you have to want to do for yourself. You have to want to make the change in yourself. 

Instead of saying things like “My resolution is to lose 15 lbs. this year, or I am going to quit xyz”, try saying “I am going to work to the best of my abilities to be a better version of myself this year. An overall healthier & happier me.”

If you “fail” in the first week of your resolution, IT”S NOT FAILING! You’re learning, you can’t change over night. It’s a resolution people, not lent. You have the whole year to figure it out and work towards your goal all year round. But with that being said, that doesn’t mean put it off until December of next year lol.

Come up with a plan and incorporate one to two new things into your daily routine a week to help reach your goal. Maybe it’s getting up an walking your dog around your block every morning & playing fetch in the afternoon, or incorporating and extra bottle of water into your diet. It’s the little things that will help you succeed in the end.

And remember, not succeeding in the first week, or even the first two months doesn’t mean you have failed, it just means you need to work harder.

I’ll be posting next week something along the lines of “20 tips to sticking to your New Year’s Resolution” so be on the look out for around Monday!

I won’t be posting Friday, Happy New Years you guys!!! Be safe, have fun, and enjoy your weekend!



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