Gift Guide For Your Dad

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I spend a lot of time with my dad.


So like everyday all day status haha but nonetheless, he is by far the hardest person for me to shop for. He is very much in ways, and knows exactly what he likes and what he doesn’t like. Every year, he goes totally and completely out of his way to make Christmas special for me, so I always try to return favor. Plus we’re super close so I like to make him super happy too.

Christmas has always been my Dad and I’s “thing”. I remember being really young, and the two of us singing Christmas carols all the way to school and back when he would take me.

So even though I know he would be perfectly happy with a photo album of all of our recent pictures, I still try to get him things that I know he doesn’t have and would think is cool.

  1. Nice Dress Shirt: Does your Dad have one shirt that he absolutely loves?? If so, buy him that shirt in every color. I promise he will be pumped. Because now, instead of constantly having to get it dry cleaned, he has more options. This Stone Rose one is my dad’s favorite! I originally bought it from Nordstrom, but I found it on super sale!
  2. A Beer Bottle Cap Remover: I know I know, it’s not the manliest thing, but it’s a cool gadget that he will love to have on hand. Actually, I think Colton would really like this too…
  3. Yeti Mug: Because they are the best and will keep his coffee hot all day.
  4. Cozy  UGG slippers: Slippers for men get by passed sometimes, but I think this is something my Dad would use more than he thinks. Plus as most of you know, they are soooo comfy.
  5. A Trendy Golf Ball & Tee Holder: Because you have to stay stylish on the golf course, amiright?? Plus it’s super efficient.
  6. Cuisine Art Griddler: I bought this for my Dad a few years ago and it’s his absolute favorite. It’s super easy to clean and he uses it all the time. Burgers, little steaks, kabobs, sandwiches, everything.
  7. Golf Book: Guys need coffeetable books too! This is one he would actually probably want to read and might get good vacation ideas out of it too!
  8. Bar Tool Set: To spice up his liquor bar. Even if he doesn’t use it, it is still cool to have on display.
  9. Ipod Doc: I mean, how chic is this iPod stereo??
  10. Burberry Scarf: It’s hard to buy your dad a watch or a wallet for Christmas, because he most likely has one he loves and isn’t looking to trade it in any time soon. This scarf is my Dad’s absolute favorite. I know it’s pricey, but if you want to buy your Dad something nice, it’s a great option rather than a watch or wallet.
  11. Fresh Popcorn Maker: This is perfect for game days! My stepdad has one of these and he loves it! He’s pretty much the king of making popcorn because of it lol.



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