Wrapping Up Christmas

Christmas Pajamas


Christmas Wrapping Christmas Pajamas




mug // christmas pajama top // leggings

Last year did not feel like Christmas.

The Holiday season was just super weird because Colton was still at Baylor graduating and I spent majority of my time going up there to see him. I was barely home, but I still wanted to have a tree, you know, to kind of get in the spirit.  So super last minute, I went out, by myself, and bought the cheapest pre-lit fake tree I could find. Then after all of that, I didn’t even get a chance to decorate it! I went the whole month with an ornament-less tree, I was scrambling to buy gifts up until Christmas Eve, and the whole season was a mess!

This year on the other hand has been a lot different, and a lot more relaxed. We’ve actually been home, so I’ve had time to decorate, get ornaments and have actually gotten majority of my Christmas shopping done!:)

Actually, a few weeks ago,  I walked into Target to buy Colton an Anniversary card and an hour later I was walking out of there with a lifetime supply of adorable Christmas wrapping paper, bows, bags, boxes, Christmas ornaments & more. I was in heaven & super relieved lol.

Soooo, if you’re like me last year, it’s not too late to get in the spirit! Just click on the links or pictures to get all of my favorite Christmas goodies this season!



Christmas DecorationChristmas Decoration
Christmas DecorationChristmas DecorationChristmas Decoration

Christmas Decoration

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