Christmas Gift Guide: For Your Mom

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 9.02.43 AM

“I Love You, Thats All” mug // Nutri bullet  (on sale!) // swell bottle // Ugg boots (on sale!) // glass knife set// iPad Stand // watch // Kendra Scott // Rebecca Minkoff purse (on sale!) // Marc jacobs phone case // blanket scarf // comfy night gown 

I don’t know about you guys, but my mom is without a doubt, my best friend. She is the person I run to when I’m upset, happy, or stressed, she is my cooking buddy, my favorite person to have a glass of wine with, and favorite person to just be around.

You would think she would be the easiest person to shop for…..

 Except for not at all haha.

Because like most moms, she already has everything she wants, and/or is very picky on what she likes. She would rather I save my money then spend it, she doesn’t want nick nacks, nor does she have room for bright blue serving bowl I thought she would love. She is the pickiest person when it comes to buying clothes, and I am a little to old to give her art work.


Soo, while she is the hardest person to shop for, she is also the easiest. This is because she is a mom, and almost anything you get her she will love, because it came from you! Mom’s like things that remind them of you!!

When I am picking out gifts for my mom, I use a few rules. First I make sure I know exactly how she would use it, and second I make sure that its cute enough so that a friend // coworker will comment on it! So that way in response, she will be excited to tell them that you got it for her!

My mom’s pretty cool, but she definitely relies on me to keep her in the loop on the newest trends.

So for today’s post, I asked for my mom to help me gather a list of things that we thought your mom’s might love too! Just click the links above to check out our picks!



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