Christmas Gift Guide: For Your Boyfriend

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Happy Monday!!

I hope you all had a great weekend!!:) I want to let you guys, I will be sharing  a lot of gift guides the next few days, just to give you guys some inspiration for he holiday season! The following are a few things that are on Colton’s list, along with things that he has bought him self, and presents I have bought him in the past.

Aka – the perfect gift guide for your guy!

  1. Golf Range Finder: For the golfer in your life. This laser is the ultimate accessory to take his game to the next level.
  2. Saddle Leather Valet: This is a gift your guy will love & appreciate… and he doesn’t even know he wants it yet. I bought this for Colton last year, and he uses it every day. It stays by the bed and holds all of his important day-to-day things.
  3. Ted Baker Socks:  Never have I ever realized how important a guys “sock game” was until recently. These Ted Baker Socks are Colton’s favorite and are sure to complete your man’s outfit.
  4. Bonobos Weekday Warrior Pants: The PERFECT pants for your beaux. They are the perfect pant for him to wear from the office to dinner. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Colton probably has every pair… and  they’re still on the wish list. Take your guy to the “official” Bonobo store in the ROD to get him fitted.
  5.  Carry On Cocktail Kit:  Can we talk about the price//size of cocktails on a airplane?? This carry on cocktail kit is sure to fix all of his problems.
  6. Burberry Watch: In case you’re wanting to splurge a little bit, this is the perfect gift! Especially since it’s on sale. I have bought Colton a few of these watches, and they are his favorite! This one is the perfect everyday watch.
  7. Dollar Shave Club Membership: This one, I am super pumped about! If your guys has a beard that he has trouble keeping clean, or if he shaves every day, then buying him this membership is perfect! Every month they will send him all the razors, shaving cream, & lotion he needs to keep his beard looking perfect.
  8. Stuff Every Man Should Know Pocket Book: The perfect pocket book // bathroom read for you guy. I bought this for Colton a few years ago, and it’s been such a fun & informative book. From how to start a fire, to how to tie a double windsor, this book has everything your guy would want to google in one place.
  9. Trim Fit Gingham Sport Shirt: Every guys needs that one shirt that is perfect for every occasion &  goes with everything.
  10. Leray Self Balancing Scooter: The ideal gift if you’re wanting to splurge on your guy. Colton actually bought this for himself, but it’s his favorite toy in the world.
  11. London Fog Over Night Bag: Probably the best gift I ever bought for Colton. Most guys still use the their old HS // sports duffle bags for weekend trips. You know, the ones that have holes in them and barely zip?  A nice overnight bag will make him feel more put together when traveling. You know, like a real adult.
  12. Burberry Brit “Rhythm” Set: Because this is the sexiest & clean cologne in the world.




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