Sintillia Sunglass Straps




Sintilla Sunglass Straps // Top (super old) Similar (same brand) // Jeans // RayBans 

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I have a confession to make… I, Lauren, am creepily obsessed with the Kardashian’s, and I am not afraid to admit it.

Well, I guess not the entire Kardashian clan, my obsession falls particularly with Kendall. We’re pretty much BFF’s, she just doesn’t know it yet. Creepy? Yeah, I know.

Butttt in my defense lol she is so much cooler and so much more down to earth than her sisters. I think it’s the Jenner side of her.

Which is no wonder my other celebrity obsessions fall with the women who have stolen the hearts of Kendall’s two older brothers, Brandon & Brody. If you have no idea who I am talking about (Are you living under a rock?!) I am talking about Brandon’s beautiful wife Leah Jenner, and Brody’s long time girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter.

They are seriously the coolest human beings. Like Kendall, they are so down to earth, effortlessly beautiful and talented. I have been following both of their Instagram’s for over two years now, Leah’s album is constantly on repeat, and I have been religiously following Kaitlynn’s blog, The Western Wild, since she started it last year.

Butttt let’s stop right there!

This post isn’t about them, this post is about Sintillia!  A few times this past year, I have seen pictures on both Leah & Kaitlynn’s Instagram of them wearing these sunglass straps. So of course, I instantly went on a hunt to find out where these adorable sunglass straps were from, because duhhh, I want be just like them! So when Sintillia reached out to me, I was ecstatic because I already loved their straps.  Sintillia is number one when it comes to fashionable sunglass straps &&& with their adorable collections, and great prices, you can definitely understand why.

I love Sintillia, because whether or not you can tell,  I like simplicity. I firmly believe that less is more. These sunglass straps are exactly that. They are the easiest accessory, and yet they give off an effortlessly sexy vibe.

Aka – they make me feel just like I’m one of my BFF’s! You know….. Kendall, Leah & Kaitlynn?? Get with it people 😉

Plus, they’re a lot cuter than the sorority sunglass straps I used to wear in college – ha! I’m most excited to wear them to the beach this summer, as well as  to up coming festivals because I truly believe that these will be the new craze over flash tattoo’s this festival season.

If you’re interested, you can visit the website here! When you check out use the code “Lauren” to receive 15% off your order! Christmas gift anyone??



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