Christmas Gifts For Your BFF // Sister For Under $100

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I think that buying for your sister or your BFF is the easiest thing, because you’re basically buying for yourself, you know? At least for my friends at least. While we all have out separate distinguished taste, we still all have similar style and/or like the same things.  I also love buying for friends because they don’t expect you to go broke over their gift.

They get it, we’re all young adults here.

I read a lot of blogs, ya’ll know that, and there are gift guides out there that are suggesting to buy your friends Manolo Blaniks and $300 turtle necks. Like…. A) WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING?? & B) WHO ARE YOUR FRIENDS?!

I can’t imagine my friends and I spending that amount of money on each other, especially right now! So while most of my friends would be completely happy with something more heart felt like a picture frame collage, here is a round up of some super cute gift ideas for your BFF that won’t make you cry when you look at your bank statement but will make them smile all the same.

  1. Bauble Bar: During the Holiday’s, Bauble Bar has super cute gift sets for a great price. Most include a necklace, with matching earrings, and comes in the cutest little box. $58
  2. Jonathan Adler Canister: I am always buying cute jars and canisters for my home. This is a perfect one that your girlfriend can but in her bathroom, living room, or study. $88
  3. Rebecca Minkoff Clutch: The cutest little clutch, for the best price. It would go with everything $95
  4. Pink Polaroid Camera: I actually bought this for my sisters birthday, and it was the perfect gift! Not only is the camera super cute, but it gives out the coolest little polaroid pictures. The film can be expensive though, so be sure to buy it from amazon.
  5. Blue Mountain Tee: This is my new favorite top, and I wear it more than I should. I have mentioned more than a few times that I am on a graphic tee kick, and this one is my newest obsession. This tee is ridiculously soft, and what girl doesn’t like brunch? $66
  6. Graphic Image Leather Planner: We’re adults people! It’s time for all of us to have respectable sophisticated planners. This is my current planner and I love it! Get it monogrammed for your friend to make it ever more special. $98
  7. Layla Headphones: This is the only item priced over $100. But just picture your BFF walking through the air port with these super sleek headphones on, basically being mistaken for a celebrity. She’ll love you for ever.  If you’re looking for headphones that would be the perfect accessory, then these are them. Colton got these for me for Christmas a year or two ago and they are my favorite. $149
  8. YSL Lipstick and Nail Polish gift set. YA’LL This is the mother of all gift sets. The set holds my favorite red, pink, and nude. PLUS it comes with each lipsticks matching nail polish. #winning $75
  9. Sintillia Sunglass Straps: My newest obsession, you’ll see a post on them soon. How cute would your bestie look rocking these at the beach this summer or at that festival you have coming up? $22
  10. Swell Bottle: The best bottles ever. I am buying a few of these this year as gifts. They are stylish, and will keep your drink cold 24 hours. $35
  11. Diptyque Candle: These are the best candles in the world. I love them because not only do they smell amazing, but after they are done burning, you can use the candle holder for misc. items, and it will still give off the smell of the candle. $32 -$60


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