Thanksgiving Day Outfit


Top: Nordstrom // Scarf: Nordstrom// Jeans: Nordstrom // Red Heels: Nordstom 

Happy Monday!

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving & that we have a short week!

First of all, soak in the cuteness of Bentley while you can, because he will probably never be this photogenic again. Usuallyyyy, as soon as anyone pulls out a camera, Bentley hides – lol! But this was not the case yesterday!  We had spent a lot of time outside, and it was so pretty out, so he was a happy boy!

But let’s talk about Thanksgiving outfits 😉 .

When it comes to dressing for Thanksgiving, comfort is key. Duhhh. But comfortable doesn’t mean frumpy. You know what I mean? I feel like thats a huge misconception when people are getting ready or planning an outfit. You don’t have to be uncomfortable to look cute! Ya, know?

 When dressing for Thanksgiving, try following these 5 rules.

1)   Either pick jeans that fit you well, or leggings. This is not the day to be squeezing into your skinny, or your teeny tiny high waisted pants. But this also doesn’t mean wear baggy pants. I try to aim for pants that are slimming in the leg, yet are not too entirely tight around my waist.

2) Pick a flow-y top over a tight fitting one. In that past, I have worn form fitting sweaters, and this is a huge no! I literally look back, and it’s like what was I thinking? After eating, the last thing you want is a top that forms to your body.

3) Wear some sort of heel. Whether its a bootie or a pointy toe pump, make sure you have some height. And this doesn’t have to mean super high heels either! Like I said, you want to be comfortable today, not frumpy. By adding a little height, you will stand taller and look more put together.

4) Pick one accessory. Whether it’s a scarf, a statement necklace, or large earrings, just pick one. Thanksgiving is supposed to be more casual, so you don’t want to completely over do it.

5) Pick the color scheme of Thanksgiving. I’m a traditionalist, so I always follow this rule. Trust me, I love black more than anyone, but black is only appropriate under certain circumstances. Try picking more of a fall color pallet, or “warm earth tones” as they’re called.

Since it’s going to be a little warmer here in Texas this Thanksgiving (depressing, I know), this outfit is the perfect option.

My shirt is flow-y enough so that I’m comfortable but not getting lost in it. The scarf adds a subtle touch, even though I probably won’t wear it the whole time since it will be so hot, and I chose these pumps because they are so fun! I really want to wear these pumps on actual Thanksgiving, but I know I will most likely opt for booties since we always have our Thanksgiving arrangement outside.



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