Real Stuff



Hiiii there!

I  wanted to take today to emphasize to you all that I would never suggest something to you if I didn’t personally love it.  I will never take on a collaboration opportunity with a company that I’m not obsessed with or trust. If I work with a company, it’s because I value their brand.

No fake sh**t here.

I created LifetoLauren to share my life and what I love. Whether it’s recipes, something I have bought recently, a workout I am doing, & etc.

You guys know, you read my blog 🙂

I decided to start LifetoLauren after following a few blogs for a few years.  I love reading blogs. I probably have about 20 bookmarked that I read on a daily basis. But the one thing that is super sad to see, is when a blogger gets an opportunity with a company, and then that company or shopping outlet is the only thing they blog about.  #boring #notreallife

&&& kind of on the same note.  If you guys try any of my recipes, workouts, or buy something I am wearing and you don’t like it, let me know! If there is something wrong with what I am sharing, or you have a suggestion to make it better, send me a little note! I want to improve and I never want to misguide anyone.

I’m learning.

From editing pictures, to realizing that I absolutely cannot edit posts from iphone #autocorrect, to figuring out how to balance LifetoLauren, my real life, and my day job.

I am trying to get better everyday.

Okay, that’s it for now!!

Oh yeah, and strive today to be the person your dog thinks you are 🙂



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