My Anywhere//Anytime Hotel Room Workout


When traveling, finding times and/or places to workout can be hard to come by.

And since I’m a pyscho  fitness junkie, this gives me crazy anxiety about traveling.

Because everybody knows when you travel you’re probably indulging a little more than usual and probably drinking more as well. When finding a gym isn’t an option, I revert to my hotel room workout. It requires zero equipment, it gets your heart rate up, and takes less than 30 minutes.

I designed this workout around targeting my whole body, but mainly focusing on the core.

For me, focusing on my core during my workouts makes me feel like I had a better work out. I feel tighter, I stand taller, and I no longer have that “blah” feeling in my stomach.

It’s super easy, but will still work your booty off!

The workout


15 – 20 Deep Squat Jumps

15 – 20 Tricep Dips

40 Bicycle crunches

10-15 Push Ups

40 Mountain Climbers

15-20 Toes to Ceiling Hip Raises

Repeat 4X

Finish by holding a plank as long as possible




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