Neiman Marcus: Last Call

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cape // jeans // turtle neck (on sale!) // boots // purse 

In the past year or so, I have really tried to make it a point to invest in nicer pieces that will last me a long time. You know…. as opposed to spending $$$$ at Forver21 on clothes that I may get.. one wear out of??? .

But, since I am trying to “invest” in pieces that will last me for the years to come, that doesn’t mean that my heart doesn’t hurt just a little when I find a really pretty cashmere sweater that costs an arm and a leg. The same goes for coats! It’s hard to justify spending money on one item when you can buy so many more pieces for the same price. Even if the item will last you forever.

This is where Last Call by Neiman Marcus comes in. It is by far probably one of my favorite places to shop. I have bought so many staple pieces here. All top quality, and top designers, at a price I can like, actually afford. It’s literally the best.

Their spring / summer collection is also really great, but I personally think their fall/winter selections is so much better.

This poncho, is actually a piece from the Neiman Marcus brand, and it’s incredibly soft, and luxurious. So if you’re looking for high quality pieces for this season, I really encourage you guys to look at Lastcall by Neiman Marcus. Stop wasting  spending your money on pieces that won’t last you, and instead, try to find pieces that you will get a million wears out of.     But at a price that is friendly for your wallet 🙂

Right now they are having their Cold Weather Event, so you can get 40% off all cold-weather must-haves!

Have a great Monday!



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