A Place to Try This Weekend: Coppa Osteria

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It’s Friday, yay! If you’re looking for a place to try this weekend, I’ve got you covered.

In the past, I have shared with you guys a few of my favorites like Baba Yega, and The Blue Fish, so now I am hear to share another favorite, Coppa Osteria!


The trouble of deciding where to dine at on the weekends is the ultimate #firstworldproblem. Yet, as ridiculous as it is, it’s still a recurring battle.

Because, you know, everyone’s soo picky (myself included!), so finding a place everyone agrees on can be hard to find.

Which is why I am going to start the series, Places to Try This Weekend. My plan is to do this series, hopefully every other Friday or at least once a month. That way, you guys can come here when trying to figure out where to eat!

Hopefully I can keep up – ha!


Coppa is located in West University kind of near Rice Village. I first went Coppa for my friend, Tera’s birthday, and was compeletly obsessesd from the moment I walked in.

Not only does it have the most chic inside, but it also has a super awesome patio. Like the perfect patio to sit and drink #roseallday on. Which is what I did…

Just look check this place out.


Um, how chic is this?


This room, is what they call “The Dough Room”, and it’s so cool (& actually really pretty too!). During the day, it’s an open kitchen area where they make all of their homemade pasta // dough for pizza, and then at night, a large group can actually be seated in there for their meal!

Not pictured, is there kind of amazingly beautiful bar area. I was already being creepy enough taking pictures everywhere, and there were people eating at the bar, sooo yeah….. you’ll just have to see the bar for yourself:)



Personally, I do not think these photos do the patio justice, because it’s so spacious, it has plenty of the cute yellow umbrellas to keep shade on every table, and as my dad would say, “it’s on a good corner”.


They pretty much have something for everyone. They have something for the pasta lover, pizza lover, health fanatic, picky eater & etc. Everything I have ever tried on the menu I have loved.

Colton has tried a lot on their menu, but his absolute favorite is the Spaghetti Carbonara. I swear it’s because when they bring the dish out, they pour the sauce at the table and mix it up for you right there. #heisachild

We usually go here for dinner, so my favorite thing to get is the Linguine alla Scampi (basically sautéed shrimp) w/ a side of their broccolini, which maybe the best broccolini I have ever had.

On this particular day, we went for lunch and sat on the patio, so I opted my usual for the Tuscan Kale Salad.

Ya’ll. So good, and so pretty.



If you visit Coppa, comment on the post to let me know what you thought of it!

 We’re heading to Waco today for the Baylor vs OU game.

Sooooo Sic’em Bears & have a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “A Place to Try This Weekend: Coppa Osteria

  1. OKAY, I am completely obsessed with your blog!! You are way too cute & you look & sound so happy in all your posts I had to tell you how great your blog is!! hehe. Keep up the good work babes! & hopefully I’ll see you this weekend!!

    //Caitlin Ross


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