Statement Booties



jeans // top // vest (on sale for $32!) // booties // purse

Hey everyone!

First off, thank you for bearing with me last week. I really needed the personal time.

But, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

This weekend, I really wanted to spend a lot of alone time with Colton. So quality time is exactly what we did. We went to a wine (festival?) at the Tasting Room in Uptown, we tried a new restaurant we’ve been dying to go to (post coming soon!), did some shopping, and took Bentley for a run at Buffalo Bayou, it was nice.

But, lets talk about THESE BOOTIES.

I had bought a dress from Hemline in Rice Village a few months ago for a wedding. I had to return the dress due to picking a different dress for the event, but when I returned it, I could only get store credit. Whichhhh, I was totally fine with, because I knew I would definitely use it in the future!

But, because of my store credit, I ended up not going to Hemline for like 2 months. Which is very strange for me because it’s one of my favorite boutiques in Houston.         I was just afraid that I would waste my beloved store credit on something I didn’t love.

That is, until I saw these booties! Hemline had put them on Instagram a few times & I had been obsessed since the moment I laid eyes on them. I finally pulled the trigger when I saw Hemline post them, yet again, and decided to use my store credit.

Since I have bought these booties, I have probably worn them every day lol. I love them because I could be wearing the most basic outfit ever, then put on these booties, and have the best outfit ever. Basically, they’re perfect lol! If you love them as much as I do, you can either pick them up in store at Hemline, or buy them online at Zappos!

Enjoy the rest of your day!



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