October Tidbits

Happy Halloween!! 

Holy cow this month went by fast! I can’t believe today is Halloween, and the last day of day light savings.

This October, Colton and I did either one of two things . We were either out of town, cheering on the Bears, or we were at home vegging out on the couch. You’ll notice in the pictures lol.

This month just really flew by for me. I know I say that every month, but I really feel like October went by faster than the others. Maybe it’s just because we did just do a lot of lounging -ha!

Either way, here are a few tidbits 🙂


jacket // jeans

The first weekend of October, we went to Dallas for the Baylor vs Tech game. Colton was really bust at work that Friday afternoon, so we didn’t end up leaving Houston until 5:00. Anybody from Houston knows that heading up 45 North at 5:00, on a Friday is not the best decision… Needless to say, it took us over 5 hours to get to Dallas that day! So the first thing we did when we got in, was find a patio where they allowed a Bentley and got a bottle of wine to celebrate finally making it there!

IMG_5517 IMG_5522

top // lipstick

Game day! 63-35 #sicem

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.38.30 AM


After the weekend in Dallas, we got back really early that Sunday morning so that we could watch football. This is a really big thing for Colton. Every Sunday he brings out extra TV’s, sets them up in the living room and watches all of the games while he monitors his fantasy team on his laptop.

This was probably the first weekend of the year that the temperature were getting cooler, so after the last game, Colton and I headed to The Tasting Room at Up Town Park for a cheese board and wine.


That next Monday, we went to The Monster’s of Men concert and it was so fun. The highlight of the night was running into an old high school teacher, and talking her ear off….. Let’s just say, we (I) had a little a lot  of sake before hand..whoops?

It was a great concert.


Sunday ritual. Colton watches football, while I drink mimosas and online browse 😉


hat // glasses

Loving every ounce of my two new pieces.


dress // boots

Baylor vs West Virginia w/ my Dad and little (big) sister.


top // vest // lipstick

Alright, here’s where I get sentimental.

After the game, we went out to celebrate the Baylor win! And let me say…It’s a really weird thing going back to Baylor sometimes. You know, you graduate, you leave to start your new life, and you kind of subconsciously think or at least hope that things are going to be just like you remembered. You know, exactly how you left them.

But they’re not. I go back to the places I once loved, only to feel really old and out of place. But what I’ve realized, is that I shouldn’t look for comfort in the places that I used to frequent, but instead look for comfort in friendships that I built while I was there. It’s the life long friendships that you built while in school that bring you back and make you feel at home. You know, just like nothings changed.


Baking Halloween (healthy) cookies while it stormed outside.

IMG_5986 IMG_5960

During our weekend long rain storm, its no surprise that we stayed in literally all weekend. So while we stayed in pretty much the whole time, we made Saturday night a super date night. Complete with (healthy) pizza, capris salad, a bottle of wine and a fort in our living room! Post on our favorite date night coming soon!

Any who!

That’s all I really have! At least until we get back from New York. The only thing not pictured is Colton’s new toy. I have never seen him so obsessed with something in my life, but it’s okay, because I have just as much fun playing on it as he does!

Happy Halloween!



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