Halloween Champagne

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It’s almost Halloween you guys!

I swear, every year, Halloween sneaks up on me. It’s like I know it’s coming, but I am still always blind sided by it. Like I think I am so prepared, when in reality I’m not.

In school, it would sneak up on me too, but because I would get out of class at like noon, it was no biggie. I had hours to run to HEB, make an awesome punch, and fill it with dry ice for a bomb-ass Halloween party. I used to get really into it. 

Now, I really don’t have as much time. Plus, Colton and I will be out of town this Halloween visiting his sister at Colgate. But that doesn’t mean I can’t get into the Halloween spirit a little bit before hand, amiright?


Also, can I take a moment to tell you how amazing champagne tastes with sprinkles?! Like, how have I not done this before? I’m telling you, I liked sipping my champs so much out of a sprinkle coated champagne glass, that I never want to drink my champagne alone again.

 Think about it, how much fun would it be to sipping on this while all dressed up?!


I found all of these fun Halloween touches while wandering through Michaels the other day, when I saw that all of their Halloween stuff was on super sale. I picked up these sprinkles, the bat tooth picks, and cocktail napkins!

All that you have to do is, is pour the sprinkles into a very small bowl. Very lightly coat the rim with lemon juice, and dip the champagne glasses into the sprinkles. Put the pat tooth picks through some black berries, and place on top of the glasses.

And Wah-la!

Serve with Halloween cocktail napkins.

The other fun touches I added are the kind of spooky roses, a Halloween print that I found on Pinterest, and the cutest little white pumpkin from Marshalls.

It doesn’t get any easier than that ya’ll!


Look, even Bentley is in the Halloween Spirit! 😉



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