The Lazy Girl Meal Prep


Hey hey!

See, I told you guys I would do a lunch post! I think I have initially been avoiding doing one because when it comes to my lunches… I can be somewhat lazy.

Sometimes I prep all of my food fresh on a Sunday, or I take leftovers, but most of the  time, I do this lazy girl meal prep. It’s great because it’s high in protein, filled with the proper carbohydrates and costs about $15 a week!

Whole Food and Central Market are my go-too’s for my lazy girl food  prep. All of their prepared food is healthy,  fresh & soooo good.

Note** You’ll notice in the pictures that I only do four days worth of lunches. This is because there is always one day out of the week that I am not in the office during lunch!

IMG_5914 IMG_5913


You’ll want to pick a lean protein, and then two sides. For the protein, I always choose two large chicken breasts (left over fish can be gross!), and for the sides I always stick to vegetables.



I cut the chicken breasts in half and then chopped them into bite sized pieces. I try to make it even enough so that each portion is 4 oz.

This would probably be a lot easier if I had a food scale, but I guesstimate and it works fine.



Then, you divide each portion of the vegetable evenly. For two days I will have chicken & brussels sprouts, and the other two days I will have chicken and green beans.


&& that’s it!!

I love this because the whole process only take 10 minutes. There is almost zero clean up and its total cost is $14.75. So that’s $3.69 per lunch. I think I can do that!

It’s also great because I know my body is getting the adequate nutrients it needs. I’m not over eating, and I will be full!



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