Fall Hats

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jeans (they stretch a lot) // top // booties // purse // glasses (on sale) // hat

Hey guys! How was your weekend??

I for one, stayed in almost all weekend, and it was awesome! I mean so great. We cooked (a lot), caught up on all of our shows, watched Halloween movies, and drank a lot of wine.

Aka – we barely left the house.

Last weekend was a different story though. It was amazing outside, so we spent majority of our time out doors.

&&& let me tell you, from Baylor games in Waco, to patios in Houston, this hat was perfect.

But here’s the deal,  we can all sit around and say that we love hats because they are sooo stylish. But we all know it’s because we haven’t washed our hair in days. Which is why hats are fantastic. They are literally the perfect lazy girl’s accessory, and I am so not ashamed.

This outfit would be super lazy plain jane with out it and I am not afraid to say so. But I will tell you, this top from Bevello might be the softest top I own. Oh, and I also bought it in Baylor green. 

Have a great Monday!



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