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Cheers to the weekend!

Because ya’ll, this week has been so busy. Like I don’t think I had time to breathe. Which is kind of why I don’t really have a “planned” post. As I write this, it’s Thursday night, and I’m at home with Colton, catching up on How To Get Away With Murder (obsessed!). This is our first night home this week, so we’re just taking it easy.

Today, we’re heading to Waco for the weekend to cheer on Baylor, of course!  Here are a few of my favorite links from this week to make your Friday go by little bit faster 🙂

  1. This new Barbie ad is too good, and will truly make you smile. Aka – Barbie making a come back for the win!
  2. I showed you my flared jeans yesterday, here are 4 Styling Tips for Flared Denims
  3. This Ellen Degeneres video of Kristen Bell’s reaction to a sloth will make your day
  4. This Sorority Girl Fall Horoscope literally made me LOL.
  5. The Happiness Mantra to Live by.
  6. Lauren Conrad’s 5 Pumpkin Carving Hacks
  7. This is what The Perfect House would look like if designed by Pinterest.
  8.  The Best Things To Do In Houston this October.
  9. You’re Guide to Drinking and Watching TV this fall.



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