Tips On How To Stop Emotionally Eating

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This post may be long….sorry in advance!

But let’s paint a picture here, okay? Okay.

We’re going to say it’s a Wednesday (Hey it’s actually a Wednesday!). I am frustrated from work, it’s 6:00 p.m & I have had a really long day. I just sat in Houston traffic for over an hour coming home, I’m tired & sweating because that 7:00 a.m. cool weather long sleeve I put on this morning is currently suffocating me. I just carried about 4 large bags to my door (purse, gym bag, lunch bag, nightly groceries), only to realize my apartment keys are in the bottom of my overly packed purse. While searching for everything, I drop my bags and groceries go everywhere.

So what’s the first thing I do when I finally get through the door? Drop my bags, head for the pantry and eat almond butter out of the container until I feel better.

I am an Emotional Eater.

&&& I don’t do it all the time. Maybe “emotional eater” is a strong word? I mean, I only do it when I am sad, overly stressed, when my anxiety is going crazy, when Colton hurts my feelings (sorry cutie!), or when I am exhausted. Aka, every time my emotions are going through the roof. Also, it’s not like I am eating things like cookies or donuts, but what I am doing, is aimlessly eating when it’s not necessary, and/or definitely eating with I am not actually hungry.I battle this everyday, so I wanted to share with you guys how I try my hardest to avoid it!

1) Talk to yourself 

I truly think this is the most important! What you do is, right before taking the first bite, I sit there and ask myself, “Lauren, are you really hungry, do you really need this, or are you just upset /bored. When doing this,I have to truly make myself realize that this bite is not going to fix the situation & it’s only going to make me feel worse. Not better.

2) Chug a bottle of water.

In most cases, I will feel super super full after this, but I would rather be full off of water than off of an entire bag of skinny pop. If plain water isn’t your thing, keep water infused with strawberries and mint in your fridge! Or just add some lemon.

3) Measure out what you’re eating

Instead of sitting in front of the fridge stuffing your face aimlessly, measure out your portions. Eat only one serving of popcorn or put one tablespoon of almond butter in a cup and then get out of the kitchen!

4) Get to Moving

This is when I usually try and take Bentley for a walk, or walk down stairs to my apartments gym to get a good sweat in. This way I get to relieve some stress while releasing endorphins. Plus, it makes you focus on something else, other than food!

I know this isn’t the most **glamorous** post, but it’s something that I wanted to discuss because I know that this is a problem for a lot of people. Because, I have been there, I have those moments where I am really stressed and automatically think food is my solution, but it’s not.

Have a great weekend!



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