Buttoned Suede Skirt

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skirt // top // shoes // purse // necklace <– sale!

Here’s the deal, they’re are two types of Lauren. There is weekday Lauren, and then there is weekend Lauren. This outfit right here, is definitely weekend Lauren.

Weekend Lauren is a lot edgier than weekday Lauren. Weekday Lauren usually sticks to anything & all class + classics. But on the weekend, I really like to step out of my comfort zone & make more of a statement.

This skirt is one of those. I just think this outfit is so much fun! I have been really hesitant about suede, but this skirt really changed my mind. It’s not stiff, it fits well, and is a good price. When the temperature really starts dropping, I’ll pair it with my favorite blue jean jacket.

Actually, I’ll probably wear this outfit, tonight to the Monsters of Men concert. Have you heard of them?? They’re awesome! I really fell in love with them after hearing this song. My original plan was to see them at ACL, but since we weren’t able to make it to the festival, I went ahead and got tickets while they’re in Houston. It’s a much smaller venue too, so I am pumped that it will be a more intimate concert. &&& I guarantee you, we’ll be getting Blue Fish before it 😉

Have a great Monday!



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