Workout Wednesday: Arms & Chest

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This is a workout, that I believe anyone can do. It’s the easiest one to do in your home, no gym required! Just dumbbells:) So no excuses! It mainly focuses on your triceps & chest rather than your biceps.

**(Click on each workout for correct technique) **Arms & Chest Workout

Warm Up

Walk uphill 5% incline (5 mins)

First Set

Alternating dumbell curls x20 (10lbs. each hand)

Tricep Dips x20

Mountain Climbers x 50

Lay down push ups x 15

Crunches x 40


Second SET

Chest Press (do on stability ball if you can) x15 – 30 lbs.

Tricep Dumbell Extensions x15 (15 lbs.)

Burpees with Bosu Ball (or regular) x10

Straight Leg Raises x20



20-30 mins running // stair stepper // elliptical

Cool down and stretch!


I am not a certified trainer. I learn new workouts, new techniques, and new do’s & don’ts everyday. I switch up my cardio & etc. This a workout that works for me. Everyone is different. Use weights that are appropriate for you, and do not do more than you can do. This is just my personal workout that I am sharing with you all!:)



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