Fall Nail Polish Trends

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 2.34.08 PM

I once read something that said, “one of the best things you can do, is pick one color nail polish, wear it for a year, and it will become your staple. When people see a certain nail color, they automatically will think of you.” I loved the idea of this. It reminded me of one of my friends who ALWAYS has white nail polish on & I love hers. So of course, I loved the idea of my own staple nail polish & still do (especially for my toes, Hello Mod About You!!). So for a few years, my staple was OPI Sweet Heart. I loved it because it was a neutral that looked good for every occasion. No matter what, I knew that my nail color would match my outfit & season.

Recently though, I’ve had a lot of fun playing with different shades. I’m trying to not be so predictable, because I definitely am! I currently have on #2 and to say I am obsessed with it, is an understatement.  Ya’ll wouldn’t believe the compliments I get on it. Who knows, I may even find a new staple after trying so many new ones!

These are all of my favorite picks for this season!

1) Deborah Lippmann – Berry Wine: $18 <– I want this one next!

2) OPI – I Cannoli Wear OPI: $9:50 <– Currently wearing & I get so many compliments!

3) Chanel – Orage: $27<–Obsessed

4) Butter LONGON – Ta Ta: $22 <–Really loving all grey nail polish

5) Dior – Diorette: $27 <– Classic Fall

6) OPI – Nomad’s Dream: $9:50 <– My favorite to lighten up an all black look



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