The Perfect Skirt for Fall

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skirt (on sale!) // top (the best top ever) // shoes – old Ivanka Trump (similar) // lipstick // sunglasses // purse

Hello there!

I know it’s Tuesday, but I still hope you all had a great weekend! We are finally home from Vegas, and I am currently writing this from my couch, with this insane hydrating facial mask on. It looks literally insane, but it’s awesome. Between being in the desert the past four days & all of smoke from the casinos, my skin is in dire need of some hydration. So basically, this mask is a life savior for me right now.

But, let’s talk skirts

I have a serious love/hate relationship with skirts. They always are either way to long, way to short, or hug me in weird places. Just ask Colton, they don’t look good on me. This is why I usually stick to dresses & jeans. I love skirts on other people, just not so much on me.

But y’all, this skirt was a game changer. I bought it from Banana Republic during their Labor Day sale on a whim, just hoping, that maybe, just maybe, this skirt would fit right, and it did!!

This skirt is the perfect length, making it a great option for a day-night look. I wore this look last week to work, then straight to an event & it was the best choice! The warmer colors  give this outfit the fall transitional touch I have been going for,  yet is still acceptable to wear until the cooler temperatures arrive.



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