My Saturday Uniform

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leggings // shirt – similar // shoes // sports bra


I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!! This past weekend, I went to Waco to cheer on the Bears & ah, I loved every moment of it! I was able to do all of my favorite things I did while in school. We went to our favorite pizza place; Shorty’s, I ran my favorite trail, we went to the Farmers Market for crepes, tailgated, the Bears won!

 it was just all around a great weekend.

Anyways, on the weekends when I am not in Waco, every Saturday usually starts out pretty much the same. I am really big on routines. I usually go to 9:30 spin at Ryde, meet Colton and Bentley for breakfast at Barnaby’s, then I run errands and get some shopping done! This outfit has pretty much been my “go-to” for this for the past few Saturdays. I’m on a huge graphic shirt kick. My shirt just makes me smile. I originally bought it to annoy my dad when I saw him on the weekends (we work together, sorry, lol love you Dad!!) but now it’s just become one of my Saturday staples.  I love tying it in the back. I feel like sporty spice, but an updated chicer one, ha! Of course I switch up my shirts, but this one is my favorite. My exact shirt is sold out, but below I linked a couple I like just as much!

Anyways, have a great start to your week!!



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2 thoughts on “My Saturday Uniform

  1. Just going to ask where to buy shirt! Haha don’t tease us. I was thinking a perfect gift for someone. Any who love the outfit and love u got to go to Waco. Can’t wait to go see my first 2015 game!


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