Baba Yega

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Happpppy Friday My Friends!

I am heading to Waco today to go cheer on my Baylor Bears! I never thought I would say this, but I miss Waco. Maybe I just miss college in general haha, but who can blame me?? Who wouldn’t miss not having to work all day, barely having responsibilities & living with all of your best friends?!

That’s what I thought lol.

One thing that Waco doesn’t have though, is Baba Yega.

Colton and I started going here with my mom for lunches whenever we would be home from school. It was our “go-to” lunch spot. Now that we have moved back – it’s our everything spot.

Oh, we have guests in? Baba Yega. Where should we go for Mothers/Fathers Day? Baba Yega. Let’s go to Brunch! Baba Yega. I want to sit outside & drink Rose in a pretty place, where too? Baba Yega.

You guys get the picture.

Baba Yega is in the heart of Montrose & is always such a treat. The restaurant itself is an older house thats been renovated to give guests the most charming dining experience. The food is to die for & the Sunday brunch is amazing. I mean, I know it’s just a buffet, but it’s not your average buffet. It’s like a fancy buffet!

On Sunday’s it gets super crowded, but they have a mimosa stand outside for guests while they wait. It’s also dog-friendly!! That’s a big part for me because I love any place that I can bring my pup.

So, if you’re looking for a place to go this weekend, try Baba Yega’s! You won’t regret it!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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