Cake Batter Protein Smoothie

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I’m going to go ahead and say, this might be the most amazing smoothie I have ever had.This has been my go-to, after workout smoothie for a few years now & I don’t plan on changing that! I have altered the recipe here and there, but always go back to the originally recipe because it’s that amazing. 

What makes it sooooo amazing?? The key // secret ingredient of course!!

Cottage Cheese

Yep, thats right, the main ingredient is cottage cheese. That may sound weird, but trust me on this one. It not only adds a lot of extra natural protein to your smoothie, but it also makes it incredibly creamy. It’s the perfect smoothie texture. Like I said, amazing.

It’s perfect for after a workout because it is so high in protein, healthy fats, and just the right amount of carbs without going over board. It really fills you up, and replenishes your body after a hard work out.

Try it, you won’t regret it. Promise promise, you’ll be in shock!


1/2 cup Low-fat cottage cheese

1 scoop vanilla protein

1/2 frozen banana

1/4 cup water

1/2  cup ice  – or until the perfect texture!


Blend, Blend Blend!

Remember my extra tip from this post, I let my smoothies blend for a really long time while I pack up my purse, turn out lights, put up dishes & etc. This way, everything is super blended with the perfect texture!

Nutrition: Calories: 242; Fat: 3.8(g); Carbs: 22.2(g); Protein 31.8(g)



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