Workout Wednesday: Shoulders


Tuesday: Shoulders

Warm Up

(20 minutes total)

5 mins walking up hill 5% incline

15 minutes HIIT

(For HIIT, I usually sprint 30 seconds as fast as I can on an incline of 8 & then walk for 30 seconds for 15 minutes)

Shoulder Work Out 


Alternate Dumbell Front Raises: 20x (10 each arm, heavier weights)

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises: 12x (5 – 10 lbs)

Bent Over Lateral Raises: 12x (5-10 lbs)

 Burpees: 10x

Repeat 4x 


Up Right Rows: 12x (20 lbs)

Dumbell Shoulder Press w/ Squats: 10x (20 lbs)

Alternating Lateral Raises: 20x (10x each raise, light weight 2 -5 lbs)

Mountain Climbers: 50x

Repeat 4x


Light cardio for 10 -12 minutes

You’re Done!

Remember, when doing weights, listen to your body. If you are flying through each set with out breaking a sweat, then you need to add weight, if you can’t complete a set, then go down in weights.

Always warm up properly, listen to your body, and stretch it out!

Have a fabulous & fit Wednesday!



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