A Labor-less Labor Day Cookout for Under $50

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It’s almost the weekend!! &&& not just ANY weekend, but a three day weekend at that!!


Since Labor Day is supposed to be a holiday celebrated, to take away from your everyday labor, I thought it would be fun to show you guys a super easy grill out, that won’t make you spend a lot of your hard earned $$$, not a lot of your time, as well as be easy on your waistline 🙂

Aka – A Labor-less Labor Day Cookout for Under $50

Click on each course of the menu, for further instructions! For your convenience, they are highlighted in pink!

If you think that my instructions are that easy, it’s because they are. I mean, the title is Labor-less, so it’s going to be easy, duh.

Enjoy friends!!:)

Servings: 4-6

The menu 


Sliced Watermelon

Guacamole & Multigrain Chips // Sliced Bell Peppers


Grilled Vegetables

Grilled Pineapple & Chicken Kabobs


Grilled Peaches w/ Cinnamon (Optional – Ice Cream)


White Wine w/ Frozen Blueberries

Your grocery list 

Fruits & Vegetables 

1 red onion: $1.28

2 zucchinis: $1.77

2 yellow squash: 2.49

2 avocado: $1.96

1 bell pepper: $1.69

1 lemon: $.75

1 watermelon: $3.00

1 pre-cut pineapple container (#lazylauren): $4.71

1 container of blueberries: $3.99

3 peaches: $3.75


3 large chicken breast: $7.94


Cinnamon: $2.49

Blue Corn Chips: $2.75

1 bottle white wine of choice (I chose Pinot Grigio): $8.99

TOTAL COST: $45.87

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