Workout Wednesday: Legs

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My Favorite Sexy Leg Work Out

Warm Up

 5 minutes – walking uphill at 5% incline

First Set 

Squats – 3 x 12 – light weight, high reps (just to get blood flowing, 15 lb medicine ball)


Sumo Squats w/ side leg lift  – 20: 10 each (15-20 lbs)

Curtsy Lunges– 24: 12 each leg (15-20 lbs)

 Step Ups – 24 (12 each leg) (5 lbs)

Leg Press – 12 (80 lbs)

Repeat 4x

Third Set 

Walking Lunges w/Barbell – 24 steps (20 lbs)

Stationary Lunge Pulses – 24 pulses: 12 each (20 lbs.)

Squat Jumps – 15 

Stiff Leg Deadlifts – 15 (30 lbs)


Walk on Treadmill at 3.8 mph, 5 incline for 15 minutes

Stretch Stretch Stretch

For weights, do what you are comfortable with, but challenge yourself. This is a hard workout, so if you’re going through it with a breeze, you need to add weight. If you can’t complete a set because it’s too much, then choose a lower set. I showed you guys what I usually use, but every person is different, so don’t think you have to use the same amount of weight that I do.

Also, remember, I am not a registered trainer! This is just a workout that I have done for a long time & that works for me.



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