The Blue Fish & Ordering Healthy Sushi


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Here’s the deal.

Colton and I love blue fish

Like we could go every night, always sounds good, & evertime we contemplate going to a new place, we quickly change our minds and head to our home (aka the fish).

I know someone is reading this & thinking “ughhh, have they not tried Uchi, or Kata Robata , or Azuma????”. I have, & they’re so good too! It’s just, this is Life to Lauren, and Lauren loves The Blue Fish.

Ya Feel me?????

The Blue Fish has THE BEST Happy Hours. During the happy hour I can get two sashimi samplers, a roll, sake and wine for under $25. Hallelujah! Their sushi is also SO fresh, and their specialty rolls are to die for. Especially the Tuna Tower!

Also, the manager at the Washington location (our favorite location!), Joe is a boss. Not to mention, one of the friendliest people ever. He genuinely wants every customer to have a fantastic experience while dining at this location, and goes out of his way for his patrons ever. single. time.

Now I guess I should add my tips on how to eat healthy while having sushi, because sushi can be sneaky on calories & sodium.

How to order sushi, the healthy way!

  1. Appetizer: Edamame – light on the salt. Skip the pot stickers…..even though they are amazinggg.
  2. Sashimi. No rice people, no rice. It’s fresh and amazing fish, you don’t need the rice. If it’s happy hour, I get the sashimi sampler. If not, then the yellow tail heaven. De-lis-ious & so fresh.
  3. Low sodium soy sauce always. Soy sauce has SO much salt in it, which makes you retain water weight. By asking for low sodium, you immediately reduce your sodium intake.
  4. Vegetable handroll – no rice. This is great, because the sashimi consists of about 6 ounces of fish, which is more than enough protein. The vegetable handroll allows me to get more vegetables with out unnecessary calories.
  5. Stay away from all cream cheese or tempura filled rolls. The rice in rolls is already bad enough without adding those two.

Anyways, hope everyone has an awesome Thursday! If you decide to go to Blue Fish tonight, be sure to come say hi! There is a pretty solid chance we will be there lol.



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