Little Pink Jacket


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jacket // top // pants // heels // purse // lipstick  

Little Update

 Bentley is fine! Which is shocking. For those of you who know Bentley.. he kind of has the WORST luck with having almost near death experiences. I am talking;  eating sago palms twice (super deadly), he’s had pancreatitis, when he was a puppy he ate the stopper to my little sisters piggy bank, resulting in a major surgery & was bitten by a copper head. I know this makes me sound like the worst mom ever, but I promise that’s not the case!  I am overly protective if anything. He is literally the best dog in the whole world, calling him very well behaved would be an understatement, butttt that being said, he is very mischievous. He is always putting his nose where it shouldn’t be. Which is why I was freaking out when he was so sick Sunday night, but thank goodness he is fine!!!!!

Now to this cute little jacket.

 Apologies for the giggle sesh I had in my photos, Colton was making fun of me the whole time and I couldn’t stop laughing!! Importantly though, I wanted to style this pink jacket for you guys before it sells out! I showed it to you guys in this post. It was immediately one of my “must have” items from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale.

I originally wore this outfit last week to work when it was raining outside & let me say, it was perfect!! &&& I got so many compliments. Since items like my Hunter Rain Boots aren’t exactly the most appropriate things to wear to work, this outfit was the perfect happy medium. It’s super light weight which is why it will it will be perfect for transitioning into the fall. This little pink jacket will definitely be one of my staples this fall, and I can’t wait to wear it in a more casual setting, with jeans and booties!

Have a great rest of your Wednesday!



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