Let’s talk about popcorn, shall we??

Popcorn is one of those hidden snacks that most people think are “okay” for your health, when in reality, it is one of the worst things you can have! Well not all popcorn, but definitely the beloved microwaveable and movie theatre popcorn. If you want to get real serious, read it all from The Food Babe, this girl is very passionate about it. Especially microwaveable popcorn.

Then popcorn at the movie theatre is a whole different story. After some research, I found that a small unbuttered popcorn is 225 calories & 11 grams of fat. In a medium, there’s 430 calories with 20 grams of fat & in a large, 1030 calories with 41 grams of fat. Then with butter, for each tablespoon you slather on, it’s 130 calories of colored non-hyrdated soy bean oil. Ew.

Not so innocent anymore, huh?

I love popcorn, so finding this brand was the happiest moment ever.

So let me introduce to you, Boom Chicka Pop.

If you haven’t had Boom Chicka Pop, then you are SERIOUSLY missing out.

Like, where have you been??

I’m kidding lol, but for reals, this stuff amazing. I mean, so good. I’m eating it while I type this. Don’t judge me.

Boom Chicka Pop has no high-fructose corn syrup or trans-fats, no artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, is gluten free and is non-GMO. They have a whole bunch of yummy flavors too! My favorites are the Light Sea Salt, and the Lightly Sweetened. Each of those have only 35 calories per cup.

I always have this at my house for my friends when they come over, especially for things like the Bachelor. We can sip our drinks while munching on this amazing, healthy ass popcorn. I also put it in baggy’s to take to the movies with me. Colton really likes it too, but with everything, he chooses the higher calorie option. He loves the Sweet & Salty, which still is only 74 calories per cup!

You can find Boom Chicka Pop at Whole Foods, Central Market, Costco (Not Sam’s 😦 )  HEB, Target, Kroger, Randall’s, aka everywhere. So basically, you have no excuse to not make the switch!

Try it, you won’t be disappointed!



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