Skinny Little Coffee Cubes

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Good Morning!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had the best time celebrating our friend’s, Mollie & James, beautiful wedding this weekend in Dallas. We got home late Sunday afternoon, and spent the entire night binge watching Intervention lol, it was crazy, we couldn’t stop watching it!! Then of course Bentley got sick, and was sick all night long.  Needless to say, I got zero sleep & zero writing done!

So here I am, at the vet, typing away while I get my pup all checked out, with a big booty coffee in hand. Even though I don’t have my fancy coffee here with me in the waiting room, the least I can do is share my coffee cubes with you!

A friend recently told me about a girl from college whose mom told her that “the key to being skinny is by drinking your coffee black.” LOLOL I thought it was fantastic, but so not necessary! The truth is, this mom did have a solid point. Majority of Starbucks, and all of the store bought coffee creamers are extremely high in calories & sugar.

I mean SO bad for you!

But these cute little coffee cubes? They’re fantastic. & good for you. & won’t kill your diet. I love these little guys because they make my coffee taste great and cool it down at a casual pace. They are also great for iced coffee!!


Almond Milk




So what you do is, fill a your silicone ice tray with almond milk. Then once it is filled, add two drops of vanilla into each slot. Top with lots and lots of of cinnamon & freeze! I always load my coffee with cinnamon. Like lots and lots and lots of cinnamon. Coffee raises your blood sugar, while cinnamon lowers it, so by loading your mug with cinnamon, it evens out! #winning



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