One Set As Separates

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top // skirt // heels // purse // red lips


I’ve mentioned before that I love matching sets!! Especially when they are affordable like this one from Top Shop! I picked up this set during the Nordstrom’s  Anniversary Sale, and ya’ll, the quality is so nice. I thought it was going to be a lot more expensive then it was, but each piece was surprisingly under $100 during the sale! It’s very soft and is even more beautiful in person. I just feel really striking in it. Top Shop really went the extra step with these pieces.

Although, one thing I always forget with sets is that I am allowed to wear each piece as a separate. So I thought it would be fun to show you guys how I plan to wear each piece without its partner, especially since this piece was such a big hit for Nordstrom’s during their sale!

Crop Top // Wide Leg Pants

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Pants // Top // Lipstick // Heels // Purse 

These pants are already my favorite pants in the world, so choosing them to pair for the top was an obvious choice for me. They really emphasize your waist which made it perfect for paring the two. Since it’s so hot outside, I will definitely be pairing the top with this skort too!

Skirt // Bright Top

 Cd8eq-94gebVWk7dLR7CNwygql8G39P8N3GlkU3r230 (1) CXmShwufv-LDl_hiP0shMUQgfdwkti8GW_DiPT4v3UA EZv866mjb8TnhTE9FYFZK6joWfIViB73c3Sv4irZvHc (1) NI2vU3SWldt644chOhX8TOYhPeP_Ci6uIzogCgFU1zE O0nD9_ZrJFf3dzZjpR6As6A0PM84rG44ZIs8WX7yKLM

Skirt // Top Similar // Necklace Similar // Heels // Purse // Lipstick

Okay, so this outfit would normally be completely out of my element, but when I put it on, I instantly fell in love! So did Colton, which is weird because he usually hates me to wear out fits like this. He says they’re “matronly”. Whatever, I think it would be great to wear for either work, church, or some type of shower… or at least those are the kind of places I would wear it too! It’s a little to dressy for my everyday wear but I love it nonetheless!



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