The Do’s & Don’ts of Wedding Guest Attire

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In honor of wedding season, (LOL I’m 23, every season is wedding season) I thought it would be appropriate to share my tips on how to dress as a wedding guest.

For me, I usually take the more conservative//classy route. You may think that is boring, & that’s cool, I just don’t think that a wedding is the time and place to be showing the world that you can rock the different prints trend, all while adding a touch of lime green into your outfit. If that’s you, then cool, you go girl, strut your stuff!!

It’s just not me.

So, when dressing up for a wedding, I have a few Do’s & Don’ts that I always go by.

The I Dont’s

Do not wear white or anything close to it #duh. This means all whites & all creams are off limits. It’s just too close for comfort.

Do not dress like a Bridesmaid, because you aren’t, & it’s weird. && don’t act like you don’t know the bridesmaids fabric + cut looks like, because we all do! I could spot a bridesmaids dress from a mile away.

Do not out shine the Bride. Okay, listen here. One of the things I love most about weddings, is getting all dressed up. BUT, that does not mean this is your time to throw on some crazy – blinged out attire that says “look at me!”. Wear that on a girls night out, not at your girl friends wedding. Ka-peesh?  

Do not wear a tight body con dress. This is not the time to squeeze into something that is clearly too tight. At weddings, you stand a lot, eat // drink a lot, and dance a lot. If you’re not comfortable in your outfit – aka barely breathing, then you won’t enjoy yourself because you’ll be so uncomfortable the whole time.

Do not wear uncomfortable heels. This means, heels that you have never worn before, nor ones that you know kill for feet. This one should be a given

The I Do’s

Do dress for the season. Meaning, unless it’s a super formal affair, there is no reason to show up in an all black dress in the spring. If it’s spring // summer wedding, choose lighter color pallets. In the fall and winter, it’s more acceptable to wear deeper  colors. 

Do dress appropriately. If you are even the least bit worried that your dress is going to fall off your chest, or that your dress might be too short. Then it’s probably safe to say that you should pick something else out to wear.

Do dress trendy. Just because you are dressing conservative, doesn’t mean you have to be boring! As said above, because you’re not the Bride, nor in the party, you’re allowed to wear something that shows your style, but make sure its appropriate!

Do match your date, BUTTT TO AND EXTENT!! You don’t have to be twins-zies, but think about it. Everyone takes a booty load of pictures while at weddings, so having your dates tie simply match one of the colors in your outfit will make a for a perfect photo op. Even just a similar color pallet would work perfectly. I’m not talking matching your dates tie and socks to the exact shade of pink in your dress people. I promise you can accomplish this without looking like prom dates!

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 2.29.47 PM

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

This is something very similar to what I will be wearing to a wedding in a few weeks! It’s  conservative & classy, yet the purse, lipstick, & necklace add the perfect touch of my style.



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