July Recap

Happy Friday!!

I wanted to take this moment to truly say thank you to everyone who reads my blog and for being SO supportive. The messages I get from you guys of constant encouragement truly make me tear up.

I realize my blog is a little all over the place…. but that’s because I’m kind of all over the place. But I am working on it for you guys! !I Because as of right now, I kind of just post what I feel like for that day.

BUT if there is more of something you guys want to see, like more recipes instead of clothes, my workout guidelines, etc., let me know!! I’m working this month specifically on sharing more of the fitness side to my life, because it is such a huge part.

Also, if you do like what you see, please be sure to share with your friends and to “like” my social media pages //  add me on Instagram!



Below is just a little recap of what July was like for me.

Thank you all again and I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

IMG_2499Lake Travis for 4th of July



Bentley being a scaredy-cat in the water

IMG_2917One of the million pictures Colton took of me while I was being super grumpy before kickball.


It’s our ritual to go to the Whole Foods off Post Oak for a pregame beer and a quick bite. I always get the spring rolls. They are light and fill me up before the game.


Dying after Week 3 Full Body of BBG

Top // Sports Bra

IMG_3062 (1)

IMG_3061 (1)After work Happy Hour at Caracol, If you haven’t been, it’s fantastic. Make sure to get the Small Fish Cakes & The Ostiones Asados (Oysters w/ chipotle sauce)

IMG_3068Women of Wardrobe Kendra Scott Event


Cuddles w/ a Bentley

IMG_3122#ootd selfie why waiting on my sister. We just finished decorating her new room & it’s SO cute!

jeans // top // shoes // phone case


Beautiful roses from Whole Foods on Post Oak

IMG_3112Our last kick ball game of the summer season

IMG_3133Breakfast of Champions at Barnaby’s in River Oaks. It’s my favorite place to go after Saturday morning spin! I love the Annies low-fat, high-protein burrito with a side of fruit! It’s super big but that perfect because you only need half & you can have the other half for breakfast the next day!

IMG_3521Celebrating our “Meet-Aversary” in Miami

IMG_3544Monday grocery run 🙂

Oh! & here are two short videos to make you smile on this Friday => link , link



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