So I was really against shooting this post at the WaterWall.

Colton and I were in a hurry (well I was, I was trying to get to spin!!) So we had to make this shoot super  quick. I kept  refusing to shoot in front of the WaterWall because the entire world takes pictures there. I’m talking 20 quinceanera groups a day, wedding/engagement pictures, then family photo shoots, & don’t even get me started on the tourists.

Needless to say,  the Waterwall is ALWAYS packed. It’s one of the main spots in Houston to take photos, & with good reason, it’s beautiful!!!! It’s a magnificent sight, so who wouldn’t want there picture there? ?

Once we decided the lighting was horrible where we were, he convinced me to take just a few by the Waterwall to see how they would turned out. 

And well, he was right! I think the reason I was so against it is because I take the WaterWall for granted, its my backyard and Bentley’s play ground.

I think a lot of spots are like that in Houston. When you see something everyday, you forget how breathtakingly beautiful they really are. I think we are all guilty of taking beautiful things in our lives for granted.

Anywayssss, I picked this top off right before heading to Miami last week. I bought it from Anthroplogie  and knew it would be a great piece to take with me on the trip! Right now Anthropologie is taking 20% off all already on sale summer items. So this top was a steal!




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