The Perfect White Transition Vest




IMG_3139 (1)


Top // Vest // Jeans // Heels //  old, heres a similar Clutch // Necklace // Lipstick 

Run people, don’t walk, RUN to Nordstrom’s and grab this perfect white vest before they are all sold out! ….Or what evs, buy it online, I told you guys how I feel about online shopping.

 Anyyyyways, this wasn’t originally in my wish list for the Nsale, but after actually going in and browsing, I fell absolutely in love with this vest. The best part, during the Nsale it’s under $50!! So far, it’s been my favorite piece I have gotten! Not only is it a great staple, but it’s also going to be the perfect transition piece for the fall. I’m all ready planning all of the different outfits I will be able to wear it with!

The blouse I’m wearing is the same blouse I shared with you guys in this post, just in a different color! &&& still on sale!

I also wanted to mention, maybe some of you have noticed, maybe some haven’t, idk,  but I really try and make sure all of the pieces I post are either on sale, and/or super easy to copy. My style isn’t extreme, and you probably won’t ever see me wearing a pineapple skirt, or mixing extreme pieces together. I am not saying that I don’t have my fair share of splurges (aka these jeans, I wear them probably 5 days a week!), but I do want you guys to read my blog and realistically know that you could, a) wear this exact outfit too, or b) be able to afford it.

Have a great day!



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