Show Me Your MuMu








Dress //  Shoes (Purchased from Marshall’s, but I found a link!// Purse // Earrings 

Let’s talk about online shopping. For some, it may be the greatest thing ever. & don’t get me wrong, it’s great! In all honesty though, I have a really hard time buying clothes online. I like trying things on and making sure they fit/look good on me before I buy them. That’s because with my luck (especially with dresses!) if I don’t try something on before hand, I look like a 5 year old trying on her mommy’s dress. #shortgirlproblems.

A few months ago while attempting to online shop, I kept coming across the brand Show Me Your MuMu. They have the most fun and girly summer dresses I had seen in awhile. Needless to say I was #obsessed ha. Yet, I had a really hard time paying the $$$ without knowing if the dress was worth the price. I knew that if it didn’t fit I could always return it, but I still kept putting buying them off.

That’s until I walked into SOHO in Rice Village a few weeks ago and came across this adorable little black dress. When I looked at the label and saw it was MuMu I was so excited!  When I tried it on, I had one of those “this is the perfect dress moments!!”. Needless to say, I immediately bought it, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase.

It has gotten a lot of wears this summer because it lays so lady like and is very simple, yet makes a statement. Does that make sense?

It’s not the MuMu dress I’ve had in my shopping bag for the last few months, but I am just as happy with it!

If you’re like me, and online shopping gives you a little bit of anxiety, head over to SOHO or to any of the Hemlines and you can try on MuMu pieces for yourself!



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