Welcome Life to Lauren






top // shorts // glasses // shoes // necklace // purse

Hi everyone!! Welcome to LifetoLauren, my very own lifestyle blog :)! LifetoLauren has been a year in the making, and after a big push from the boyfriend, I finally have the courage to publish my life with you all.

I came up with the idea last year when I moved back to Houston after graduating from Baylor. There were a lot of big “firsts” for me. I started my first job, I moved into an apartment by myself, I was traveling outside the country by myself for the first time, rediscovering Houston and truly starting the process of learning who I am as a young adult. While I wanted to start this blog when I first moved back, I just wasn’t ready. Lucky for you guys though, I am now 🙂

 I’m a fashion fanatic, a clean eating fitness junkie, and a self proclaimed interior designer. I want LifetoLauren to be an easy place for me to share my life. I want to share my favorite local places, spaces & happy hours. I will share my favorite outfits, the best spots around Houston for a good sweat, my go-to healthy recipes, decorating tips and more! I hope you all enjoy my blog as much as I have enjoyed starting it!

I thought this outfit was perfect for my first post because it is so fun and perfect for summer! It’s bright, it’s flowy, & it just makes me feel pretty every time I wear it. I also thought this outfit was a great choice because of the Elaine Turner purse. After months trying to find the PERFECT white purse without completely breaking the bank, I finally decided on this one. It fits SO much in it & it was on sale!! The weekend I bought it, we went to float the river in San Marcos and I quickly realized that this is definitely my new favorite tote. It just held everything perfectly.

All of pieces are linked above. Thank you guys so much for visiting!




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